Terms & Conditions


Thank you for the interest in being a user of our TANGO TARGETING service (furthermore referred as The Service). In this document we describe you the terms and conditions of use of our website, our software/application and of all the other elements associated with the Service by all users that are clients of the Service.

The Service is an online advertising system provided and managed by TANGO TARGETING Inc. (furthermore referred as the Provider), that uses a certain software/application installed on your computing device that facilitates the reception of commercial messages, customized advertisements and offers, and whose use and execution is subject of the terms and conditions specified in the End User License Agreement (EULA) that is acknowledged and accepted during the installation process by the user of the system and addressee of the mentioned commercial communications (named in the following the User).

Any question or doubt may arise regarding the conditions of the Service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can do this by the following means:
www.tangotargeting.com (website form)
info@tangotargeting.com (e-mail)

In the following we present you the most important legal terms and conditions from the referred EULA; however, we recommend you to read the entire text of the same, that you could access here.


TANGO TARGETING is a service for the delivery of advertisements, notifications, special offers and other commercial communications that are contextual and customized to the User, directly on the computing device.

The advertising content is displayed on the User device screen through the software associated to the Service. The delivery of this service is independent of the browser that is used, of the operating system or of the websites that are browsed, the Service Provider having no relationship with their owners.

The Service is executed on the User device only after prior expressed acceptance for the receipt of electronic commercial communications.


Should you choose not to continue using the Service and receiving in this device the commercial communications and special offers provided by the Service, please Click Here. Should you decide opting out definitively from the provisioning of the Service please click here in order to uninstall the corresponding software from this device.

License of Use

The installation and execution of this software on your device is completely free of charge and you will never be billed for the usage of the Service; in the same spirit, the installation and usage of the Service will not provide you with any right to ask for any financial reward. The Provider is completely independent from any relationship between you, as User, and the third parties that are sending you commercial communications that are displayed on your computing device as part of the Service.
This End User License Agreement has an undefined duration and will remain in effect until the User decision to uninstall the software, permitting the Provider to consider by this act the unilateral termination of the License.

Restrictions of use

This Service is to be used only under the Terms agreed in the EULA and according to the applicable laws and regulations. The access to the Service can be made only by the intermediation of the software installed on the computing device, without any change, manipulation or altering, and the User must not allow incorrect usage or illegal installation by any third party.

It is expressly forbidden and may result in the payment of indemnification for damage:

  1. Any modifying, wrongful copying or distribution of the software;
  2. The usage of reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling or the attempt to acceed, by any other means, to the source code, the structure, the operation mode, sequence or function mode of the software and associated Service;
  3. The renting, cease or transfer by any mode of the rights of use for the software.

Should you make any not permitted use of the software or reach any incompliance of the terms of the EULA, the License agreement will be immediately revoked and may result in legal action for the damage your wrongful conduct may have caused to the Provider and/or third parties.

User Information

In order to be capable of delivering you a better customized Service, the software installed on your computing device may collect information related to the operating system and browser, technical parameters, hardware and software information, system preferences, location, language, time zone, web browsing and buying behaviors, or any other relevant information that is to be collected only with the purpose of the improvement of the Service and for which you give your acceptance. In any case the Provider will not collect User personal identifiable information (like the names), or sensitive information (like financial or banking data, or medical history information). The information that is to be collected will be used only for the delivery and improvement of the Service to the User.
Should you desire to access the data that is collected, review, modify, deny or oppose to the treatment of this information, you can direct a written communication to info@tangotargeting.com specifying your identity, the petition you want to make and the address where you want to receive the official notifications and communications from us. If we cannot identify you because we don’t store your personal identifiable information in our databases or because of any other reason, we will provide you a direct link and instructions in order to uninstall the software and cease the Service.

Intellectual Property

The Service and all its elements (the website, the delivery platform, the interfaces and displays, the software and any other elements associated with it) are protected by the national and international legislation and treaties regulating the Intellectual Property, the copyrights, trademarks, patents and designs. Please remember that not the present Terms and Conditions, nor the EULA you have accepted, give you any title or right over the Service or any of its elements, particularly over the software installed on your computing device, except for its legitimate use for the delivery of the Service.


The installation, use and execution of the Service will be made under your sole and exclusive responsibility. The Provider is not to be made responsible in any way for the content of the advertisements, the campaigns, the promotions and offers that you receive by the intermediation of the Service.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The present Terms and Conditions, as well as the End User License Agreement (EULA) are submitted to the applicable laws of State of Delaware of the United States of America. For the resolution of any dispute that may arise in relation with these, both the User and the Provider accept to be subject of the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware courts of law, with expressed renouncement to any other jurisdiction.

Preferred Terms

In the case of any difference between these Terms and Condition hereby expressed and the content of the EULA, there will always prevail the content of each agreement taken apart.